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Curry Controls Company - Corporate office

Welcome to Curry Controls Company

Curry Controls Company is your source for a range of system integration services relating to municipal, and industrial process instrumentation and control. We welcome your system challenges and the opportunity to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for your current or future project.

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Inside View of a PLC Panel

The Complete Controls Package

There is no better way to insure customer satisfaction, than for us to build project control panels in-house to your exacting specifications. That is why we are a quality, UL listed, panel fabrication facility, equipped to build, test, and install a full range of control panel configurations.

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Electrical Installation Phase 3

Turn-key Licensed Contracting Services

Each phase of your requirement is addressed with tailored services through our own General Contracting, Electrical Contracting, or Systems Engineering sectors. So, if your system requires SCADA development, RF Telemetry, or Programmable Controllers, Curry Controls Company provides complete installation and maintenance as required.

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HMI Programming

Your Source for HMI and PLC Programming

Your project deserves the depth of expertise, imagination and experience our programmers provide. Curry software developers are widely recognized for programming all leading HMI, SCADA, PLC and graphical application platforms.

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Guardian™ Serial Modem or Analog Radio for Licensed Spectrum


CalAmp Guardian

The Guardian wireless modem provides a high-speed data link suitable for a wide
variety of applications requiring system security and diagnostic reporting. Designed
for speed and efciency, Guardian provides over-the-air data rates up to 19.2 kbps in
a 25 kHz channel.

Selectable operating modes provide fexibility: RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 compatible;
simplex, half-duplex or full-duplex operation; RTS-CTS handshaking protocol or
data activated transmission (DOX) mode. Transparent, asynchronous serial formats
are supported, such as Modbus™, Modbus-RTU™, AB DF1™, and various other
protocol formats.

Guardian is also selectable for analog operation: paging, phone line substitution,
slow speed data applications, 600 ohm or high impedance audio input/output

Real-time, non-intrusive online diagnostics report received signal strength (RSSI), RF
power output, supply voltage, and other radio performance statistics. Field Programming Software offers unit programming, link testing and RF path verifcation.
CalAmp products are covered by a standard one-year warranty.

Call For Pricing 1-800-277-0109


The Guardian is packaged as a modem and power quick start guide. 

All cables and accessories are sold separately.