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Curry Controls Company - Corporate office

Welcome to Curry Controls Company

Curry Controls Company is your source for a range of system integration services relating to municipal, and industrial process instrumentation and control. We welcome your system challenges and the opportunity to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for your current or future project.

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Inside View of a PLC Panel

The Complete Controls Package

There is no better way to insure customer satisfaction, than for us to build project control panels in-house to your exacting specifications. That is why we are a quality, UL listed, panel fabrication facility, equipped to build, test, and install a full range of control panel configurations.

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Electrical Installation Phase 3

Turn-key Licensed Contracting Services

Each phase of your requirement is addressed with tailored services through our own General Contracting, Electrical Contracting, or Systems Engineering sectors. So, if your system requires SCADA development, RF Telemetry, or Programmable Controllers, Curry Controls Company provides complete installation and maintenance as required.

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HMI Programming

Your Source for HMI and PLC Programming

Your project deserves the depth of expertise, imagination and experience our programmers provide. Curry software developers are widely recognized for programming all leading HMI, SCADA, PLC and graphical application platforms.

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CalAmp Fusion High-Performance Multi-Network LTE Router


CalAmp Fusion
Fusion offers a single, fexible platform to address a variety of wireless communications
needs with over-the-air confguration and system monitoring for optimal connectivity.
This ready-to deploy broadband router enables wireless data connectivity over public
and private LTE cellular networks at 4G speeds.

For the ultimate in versatility, the Fusion provides high-speed 4G LTE public safety band
14 broadband connectivity for private infrastructure as well as public carriers infrastructure
on 700 MHz Band 13 or 17 (with 3G EV-DO/HSPA fallback modes) based on 3GPP
Standard E-Utra Release 8 technologies. Three Ethernet ports with routing capability can
connect multiple LANs. An optional b/g/n WiFi interface with confgurable access point
or client operations supports connectivity to IP applications in a variety of network
scenarios. The WAAS enable GPS connects seamlessly with AVL applications hosted
locally or remotely. An easy to use web-based management and confguration interface
as well as comprehensive remote management facilities are included
LTE/WiFi/Ethernet rule-based and application port-based switching enables IP control
such as segregating some traffic specifc to designated bearer networks and choosing the
WAN fallback order. Multiple WAN confection options provide redundant data connection
and automatic switchover upon loss of connectivity to primary network. The Fusion
is designed to operate concurrently with external WAN radios, including CalAmp’s
narrowband technology and satellite radios, making it a powerful and unique enabler of
interoperable network technologies.
The integrated IP router and three Ethernet ports allow setup of up to three wired,
independent subnets. The Fusion facilitates traffic routing between all of the concurrently
operating networks without requiring an external router or switch. The optional
WiFi allows Fusion to manage and route between wireless and wired local area networks.
The Fusion integrates with CalAmp Gemini G3 narrowband equipment to extend their
functionality to include LTE connectivity and access additional Fusion peripherals.

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